Boston Red Sox Radio TV Station GuideThe Boston Red Sox has built one of the largest MLB Sports Networks in America. Many Boston Red Sox Radio and TV Network Stations have been broadcasting Boston Red Sox Baseball games for decades and building their programming schedules around MLB Boston Red Sox games. Every spring training and regular season Boston Red Sox Baseball game is broadcast in English and Spanish on the Boston Red Sox Radio Network. The Boston Red Sox Radio Network includes radio stations from all six New England states and New York.

Boston Red Sox Radio Network

Joe Castiglione Boston Red Sox Baseball Radio Play by Play Announcer

Joe Castiglione

The Boston Red Sox Radio Network Play-By-Play Sportscasters includes some of the very best in the business. The history of Red Sox Baseball on the radio continues to evolve and provides entertainment for millions of Baseball fans worldwide. Some of the famous and beloved Boston Red Sox announcers include Ned Martin, Joe Castiglione, Curt Gowdy, Ken Coleman, Jerry Trupiano, and former Nashua, NH resident Tim Neverette.

All Boston Red Sox baseball games are broadcast on the radio. The Boston Red Sox baseball network has affiliated stations in every New England state. Vermont, Maine, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, and Rhode Island. There are several Boston Red Sox baseball-affiliated radio stations in New York as well. Unfortunately, there are no Red Sox Baseball games broadcast in Florida. Paradise Coast Florida is the home of Jet Blue Park and is where the team plays Spring Training games.

An updated list of Boston Red Sox Baseball Network affiliates is available from MLB Baseball


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